Latvian Permaculture Association (LPA) is the Latvian partner in the project and was founded in 2011 to advance sustainable and regenerative practices in Latvia. It has 110 members, and operates as an umbrella organization for urban and rural inhabitants contributing to the permaculture movement in Latvia. LPA has been managing and participating in several EU projects. LPA collaborates with international permaculture and ecovillage networks.


To spread knowledge and ideas about permaculture in Latvia. To support activities for strengthening sustainable lifestyle. To increase self-sustainability of Latvian society, especially promoting food independence and seed freedom.


Organizing Latvian Permaculture Festival every year (for 6 years now) and seed-exchange events (for 8 years now).

Organizing smaller seminars and workshops on sustainable everyday strategies. Organizing Permaculture Design Courses and Permaculture Diploma Courses in collaboration with international permaculture teachers.

Participating in the network “OFF- GRID: Renewable Energy DIY for rural development”: Targeting specifically technical and energy self-sufficiency for financially underprivileged with the aim to run practical workshops in three Latvian regions, create an open-source printed and online handbook for self-built
installations and devices; in total 10 partners in 5 Baltic Sea Region countries – Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (led by the key LPA members, but not by LPA as an organization)

Building the network "Growing Seed-Savers”: Development of seed savers database, international experience exchange and popularization of seed sharing practices with partners in Estonia, Lithuania and Denmark.


Use of pesticides (participating as NGO partner in the discussion on "Sustainable use of Pesticides"). Availability and marketing of seeds and plant reproductive material (in relation to seed-savers activities, as well as organic farming).

Video from Seed savers educational course in January 2020