Taste testing Danish heritage peas

The Danish national association “Frøsamlerne” works to preserve the diversity of cultural plants by locating, collecting, registering and sharing seeds from heritage plants among our members. There are 500 varieties of seeds in our community seed bank (documentation is open to the public, seed sharing lists only to members).

The association sells heritage seeds to non-members at markets and festivals, takes part in and organizes seed swaps, and gives free courses in seed saving and the importance of heritage plants. Our 1000 members are geographically distributed all over Denmark. We have our own webpage, and are active on social media (Facebook-members: 4700).

Our association collaborates with the national authorities, who have supported our activities through the years as part of the national strategy for Plant Genetic Resources. We are also part of the European network of seed savers, and share our knowledge at international meetings.

You can find our homepage, including our database of varieties, at