The Estonian seed saver organisation Maadjas was established in 2010. We are a small non-governmental organisation working with preserving and distributing information on heritage plants and native breeds.

The association carries out work in order to popularise native breeds and plants in Estonia. We arrange educational events and distribute information about them. We also collect information about native breeds and plants by arranging search expeditions, often in cooperation with the research sector and the gene bank. Native animals and heritage plants found on expeditions are documented. We also work on seed and plant material exchange, as well as giving information on where to find suitable native breeding animals. We work actively on improving legislation concerning on-farm seed saving.  We participate in international events and projects.  

Maadjas represents the Union of Estonian Environmental Organisations (Eesti Keskkonnaühenduste Koda) in the Commission on Cultivated Genetic Resources run by the Ministry of Rural Affaris in Estonia.  

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