Making heritage plant inventories

May 12, 2020

One of the aims of the project was to develop a guide for seed-savers to learn how to document heritage plants. This booklet has been prepared by NGO "Maadjas" which has many years of experience in documenting heritage plant varieties including vegetables, fruit-crops and ornamentals as well as traditional animal breeds.

A guide for making heritage plant inventories has been prepared in English and adapted to national languages: Estonian, Danish, Latvian, Lithuanian.

A plant documentation form was developed to be used in making garden and plant documentations as well as three examples.

Example 1: Nõmmetädi bean
Example 2: Gerda broad bean
Example 3: Vändra wax bean

The following garden expeditions were done:
- July-August 2019 seed savers made garden expeditions in Latgale, Riga region and Kurzeme in Latvia.
- September 2019 seed savers visited an uninhabited farm in Dejret village in Denmark.
- 28th September 2019 seed savers visited several gardens at Saaremaa island in Estonia.
- 20th October 2019 seed savers made garden expeditions in Valkininkai and Tiltai villages, Lithuania.

Project ‘Growing Seed Savers’ started in autumn 2018 and ends in spring 2020. It is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers’ program NORDPLUS.