Educational program in seed saving

Apr 09, 2020

Project 'Growing Seed Savers' has made an educational program - a curriculum - to save seeds from heritage plants. This was developed by the participating NGO ‘Danish Seed Savers’, which has more than 30 years’ experience in preserving and sharing seeds and knowledge of heritage plants.
The following materials  were developed:

Part of the educational program was testing the materials and pedagogical methods in a course ‘teaching the teachers’.15 seed savers from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania participated in the course from 15. to 18. February 2019, organized by the Danish project team.Photo: Annika Michelson

The educational program is now used by the Baltic NGOs (EE: Maadjas, LV: Latvian Permaculture Society, LT: Institute of Natural Agriculture) to teach more people saving seeds and growing heritage plants.

The following seed saver educations were arranged
- Introduction to seed saving, 3.2.2019 in Slangerup, Denmark
- Seed saving course 15.-18.02.2019 in Ringsted, Denmark
- Seed saving course 31.07.2019 in Jyderup, Denmark
- Seed saving course 17-18.8.2019 in Külaoru, Võrumaa, Estonia
- Seed saving course 5.10.2019 in Mõisamaa, Raplamaa, Estonia
- Seed saving course 25.-26.01.2020 in Ikskile, Latvia. Additional materials from the Latvian seed saving course.
- Seed saving course 01-02.02.2020 in Vilnius. Lithuania