Seed savers training in ecovillage Väike Jalajälg in Estonia 05.10.2019

education Oct 12, 2019

Väike Jalajälg ecovillage is a seven year old eco community in Estonia. As part of Growing Seed Savers project, NGO Maadjas arranged a seed saver training day at the ecovillage on the 6th October 2019. During the day we were testing the educational program that has been developed in the project. This first day contained only the basics of seed saving. The participants got theoretical information and had also the possibility to try to clean seeds themselves. At the end of the training session, we visited the garden of the ecovillage and helped in pushing a 50 meter greenhouse to a new location at a field. You can take a look at that action from a video here. The most important during the educational day is the feedback discussion at the end. Each participant tells about own experiences during the day - what was new, what was surprising, what will they try themselves, and here people also open up and tell what kind of heritage plants they have in their own garden or if they know somebody that has a heirloom plant.