Seed saver education in South Estonia 17-18.08.2019

education Aug 23, 2019

At 17-18th August 2019 NGO Maadjas arranged as a part of Growing Seed Saver project a testing of the education program that have been developed during the project.

The training was carried out in NGO Maadjas members, Triinu Guerrin’s, garden garden in Külaoru village.  Mrs. Guerrin have a beautiful permaculture garden and a lot of knowledge on seed saving which she willingly shared with us. During this sunny weekend we got information on all the basics in seed saving as well as information on legislatons, soil and plant health.

The education took place both inside an old barn as well as outside in the garden. Outside we got the change to try how to clean seeds from different plants. Members got also a possibility to taste the recently registered Estonian conservation variety Grandmother’s pea. The pea pods were already fully mature, but the taste was still very good - not the slightest bitter. In the same garden was also growing an old well known estonian pea variety Aamisepp (from the 1950-ies) Many considered the tast of Grandmother’s pea to be even better than that.

At the end of the education all participants could tell about what they have been learning and about own new thoughts. In this occasion we did also get information about two new heritage plants: a more than 40 years old carrot and one more than 100 years old dill. The carrot had created seeds in Mrs. Guerrins greenhouse and we could all take a look at it.