Growing Seed Savers Project as Case in Dynaversity Project

project Apr 16, 2020

Growing Seed Savers project has been lifted up as one good case in the DYNAVERSITY Project. DYNAVERSITY project analyses and describes the actors involved in plant genetic conservation for agriculture in order to suggest management and governance models and to construct new forms of networking. It facilitates exchange and integration of scientific as well as practical knowledge on how to best manage diversity in agriculture and in the entire food chain, restoring evolutionary and adaptation processes.

DYNAVERSITY partners selected and analysed 21 experiences representing the different players and networks involved in in situ and on farm conservation, and their interrelations. Selected case studies cover the different geographical regions of Europe, different crop types and species and different actor categories (gardeners, farmers, seed companies…). Growing Seed Savers cooperation network was chosen as one of the case studies.

Through these case studies, the consortium aims at understanding what it is that enables different initiatives to link up and collaborate. The theoretical framework of reference for this analysis is the transformative social innovation (TSI) theory which was operationalised in a set of questions, that supported the development of an interview guide.