Estonian participants in Growing Seed Savers project visited Latvia 15-17.11.2019

project Dec 01, 2019

On 15-17.11.2019, five members from NGO Maadjas in Estonia participated in Growing Seed Savers project meeting in Ambeli in Latvia. The travel by car took 10 hours but we were all very happy to see this part of Latvia as none of us had been in Aglona-Ambeli region before. Project members from Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia gathered during the weekend to discuss the project activities carried out during the year 2019 as well as discussed the activities to be carried out during 2020. During the project meeting we got the possibility to participate in the celebration of Latvian Independence Day, a huge cultural program that impressed us all. Project members from Lithuania contributed also with singing at the event. The feelings were so good that it was decided that the project final conference in spring will also be kept in Ambeli. There are all suitable environments close by in order to arrange a good conference. In this way we will also try to get experts, members from the ministries and authorities to participate in the conference in this remote area of Latvia.