Seed production trends in Latvia, 05.04.2019

legislation May 01, 2019

April 5, 2019 Latvian partners visit a seminar organized by AREI on seed production trends in Latvia

Latvian partners were visiting the Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics (AREI) in Priekuļi, Latvia to get familiar with the trends in seed industry.

We were informed about changes in legislation that concern seed growers, as well as about the introduction of the new Plant Health Regulation which will demand changes also in other seed production and seed marketing laws.

Among other topics like LIVESEED project activities, organic seed production trends, plant breeder rights, as well as latest varieties created in AREI, we also got to know about the trends in arable crop seed production in Latvia:

statistics shows that since 2014 spring crops cover more than 50% of area for cereals which can be explained by the impact of climate (bad wintering etc.), also it was concluded that there is an unwelcome trend in Latvia to import most of the varieties, propagate seeds for some years and then sell (especially this can be seen with the potatoes).
Latvian seed vs foreign seed

Also, during discussions argument arose among organic farmers and organic seed producers on the reasons why organic farmers choose to buy conventional seed if organic seed is still available - remarkable price difference was mentioned as the main reason, although seed producers disagreed that only overpriced seed is available in the catalogue.

More information here (in Latvian):